MI-BRIDGE is a community collaboration comprised of many people and is based off of years of teaching observations, reflections, and action research.


  • The heart and soul of this project: TEACHERS
  • Dr. Melissa Baralt (Associate Professor of Spanish and Applied Psycholinguistics at Florida International University; Project Director)
  • Dr. Uju Anya (Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition at Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Dr. Aris Clemons (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Tennessee Knoxville)
  • Dr. Déborah Gómez (Assistant Professor of Spanish at Florida Memorial University)
  • Dr. Juan Godoy (Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Cincinnati)
  • Dr. José Morcillo Gómez (Teaching Assistant Professor at the FIU dual degree program in Qingdao University, China)
  • Jazmine Exford (Ph.D. candidate at University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Amber Robinson (FIU graduate and proud student of both an HBCU and HSI)